testimonials Bill C. “Dear Natasha: I enjoyed talking with you yesterday about the second sketched portrait of my wife.  You are such a kind and talented person.  I appreciate your undertaking this work.   I am writing you this note to tell you how thrilled I am with the first sketched portrait you made of my wife.  I have that framed portrait mounted on the wall in our home in Virginia.   I positioned it where I can admire it frequently, as seeing it reminds me of how lovely a person my wife is.  Your portrait reveals a radiance I see my wife, but that I have always been unable to capture in a photograph.   You were so wonderfully helpful to me throughout the process.  You helped me select the best of the photographs that I provided as the basis for the sketched portrait.  The photograph you suggested was not one of the images that I originally picked; but I’m so glad I followed your advice on that, as well as in choosing the portrait size, the color of the paper and pastels you used, and the matting and the frame.  You were so gracious to mount the portrait in the frame for me.  That was a lot more work that I anticipated, and I could not have done as good a job as you did.   I appreciate how very responsive you were in completing the portrait in time so that I could give it to my wife as a Christmas gift.  And I also appreciate how you made sure I was satisfied with all aspects of the portrait, and showed me an image of the portrait as it neared completion.   You really went way beyond my expectations in communicating with me as you developed the portrait, and in the quality of the final sketched portrait.  I will always treasure this beautiful portrait of my precious wife. ---January 25, 2012 James T. “Thanks for this wonderful treasure! Words can't describe my surprise and delight of this remarkable Christmas present.” ---January 3, 2012 Lexie A. “Natasha is a very gifted artist. I believe that people are the hardest subjects to capture, but Natasha does this flawlessly. Not only does she capture the image of her subjects, but she also finds a way to incorporate emotion. You can see happiness, sadness, and hope- whatever subject she intends to portray. I recommend her wholeheartedly.” ---June 28, 2011
© Updated January 2013 Natasha Nashadka     All Rights Reserved Made with Xara Robin B. Natasha created three sketches of my children…one of my daughter (alone), one of my son (alone), and one of them together. She is a friend of mine (my son and her oldest daughter have been classmates for 7 years), and while I had seen various portraits she had done through the years, I truly did not appreciate the depth of her talent until I commissioned her myself. I've always felt that a true artist is able to capture the "essence" of their subject(s), not just their physical attributes. And while having known my son for 7 years, his personality and outlook on life, I had the utmost faith that she would render him on paper splendidly. However, not being familiar with my older daughter, I knew that she was a little nervous about doing the same for her. Natasha met with us in the park one day, and between the two of us took probably 100+ pictures from which to choose from. I was impressed with her photographic ability (correct positioning, posing, etc.), but more so with her empathy and rapport with my children (especially my daughter). It was a fun day for all involved, but more importantly, a very productive one as we ended up with more than enough wonderful shots for sketches. As Natasha and I settled on the photographs to use for the sketches, she was helpful in the choice of paper and pastel color as well. And as she moved forward, she would send me rough sketches to get my input on how well she was defining my kids. I felt like my opinion was a big part of the process for her. I am utterly in awe of the finished sketches! Not only do I feel that she captured the spirit of my children, the detail and mastery she possesses makes them appear almost 3D…as if they are truly living and breathing on the page! Natasha has a true God-given talent and uses that to enrich and bless other people's lives. I cannot thank Natasha enough for these treasures…these depictions of a moment in time, and I will be fortunate indeed to one day be able to say, " I knew her when…" Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend, for sharing your gift with my family! ---March 19, 2012 April C. “You really captured the personalities of all my boys!  You are super talented.” ---November 14, 2012