Why a Portrait Portraiture is one of my favorite subjects because it captures and reveals the essence of a person.  A painted portrait is distinctly different from a photograph, and it will be cherished for generations. Portraits make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Baby Showers, and any other event where you’ll need a special gift. Materials Used Sketched portraits are created with Conté crayon, pastels, and charcoal from your photos.  They can be done in any color you desire, even a color not seen on this site.  The portrait will be created on a heavy-weight, hand- made, archival paper.  Visit the Hints and Tips page for more examples. Pricing Because I deliver my portraits unframed, my prices are very low.  Please contact me for pricing. New Pricing Page This price does not include matting, framing or shipping.  If you live close enough, and bring me a frame and a mat, I will frame it for you for an additional $20 per frame.  I don't expect payment until after the portrait is finished, but before framing and delivery.   portraits from your photos Order a Custom Portrait What to Expect I first request that you send me various photos of the subject.  (Use the Hints and Tips button below for additional help.)  I will then contact you to let you know which ones will work best for your portrait.  If needed, I will do a rough sketch to give you an idea of what the final piece will look like.  I will also be dicussing what color you prefer and the size that will work best  Portraits usually take two weeks from the beginning of the process to the end, if there are no other clients in line.   At that time, we will discuss framing, delivery and payment. Why Order From Me My portraiture is wholly unique and done by hand.  Be wary when searching the internet for comparable portraiture and keep an eye out for two things: first, are the prices too good to be true?  Many companies that sell portraits may have a US address, but actually get their art from underpaid labor in third-world countries.  Second, are the drawings actually done by hand?  Many will say that they are, but are actually reproduced on the computer using a fancy program and printer.  Look closely! My art is made in my studio (aka, my home) in Brownsboro, AL.  My portraits are drawn by hand, on fine artisian paper. I am a real person who can be reached by phone or email, and I am always prompt about responding unless I am out of town. Ordering Copies of Your Portrait High quality archival prints called giclées may be ordered any time after the purchase of your portrait.  Prices depend on the size of the reproduction, the number requested, and my giclee supplier.  Right now, the first copy, at a 9 x 12 size, is $25.  Additional copies (of the same image after the first copy) are $10.  Images can be shrunk or enlarged if desired. *Color matching is not always exact, but usually so close that most clients are quite happy.  If an exact match is desired, there is an extra $25 fee and the original drawing needs to be present.
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