Taking the Perfect Photo Lighting: The best sketch comes from a person sitting near just one light source like a large window on a bright sunny day.  Make sure they are not in direct sunlight.  There is an example in the video to the left. Positioning: There are dozens of possibilities, but a popular option is to have the subject turned at a three-quarters angle profile.  You may also want their head turned in the opposite direction of their body (an example would be to have them looking over their shoulder). Eyes: “The eyes are the window to the soul.”  This being said it’s important to capture nice bright eyes.  To do this make sure that your subject is smiling, but not in a wide toothy grin - try having them smile with the mouth closed.  The bigger the smile the more the eyes close, and that is the opposite of what we want.  Experiment with your subject looking into the camera then off to the side.  Find what you like best. In any case, you should submit many photos that presents the personality of the person for the best results. What NOT to do: Don’t use a professional photograph - they are copyrighted. Don’t choose a photograph that was taken using a strong flash where all the facial features have been washed out.  Don’t send low quality or fuzzy photos. Additional Info If you’re looking to have two or more people combined into one portrait, you don’t have to have one perfect shot.  Multiple photos can be combined into one. I can remove braces. blemishes, and, depending of the photo, glasses.
hints and tips These guides will help you choose the best picture for your portrait.
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Need help picking a photo for your portrait?  These two short videos give numerous examples of photos that make great portraits.  You’ll also find advice and tips to find that perfect shot.